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Tightlining: what it is and how to do invisible eye-liner makeup

The trick Tightlining is a technique of eye make-up can enhance and define the look in seconds and with just one product lifebloombeauty . Tightlining: what is it? Also known as "invisible eyeliner", Tightlining consists of filling the subciliary space of the upper lashes with a black pencil, to obtain a thicker lash effect. The beauty of this method is its aptitude to create a perfect make-up no make-up : to have a natural result, in fact, it is sufficient to apply the black pencil exactly along the upper lash line, filling those small spaces of skin. visible between one eyelash and the other futuretechexpert . By doing so, the pencil line will be almost imperceptible to the eye, but the result will be clear: a more open, defined, intense and magnetic look. Tightlining: how to do it? To achieve it, just apply a black eye pencil with a soft, well-pointed texture, or you can also use a small brush with a thin or oblique tip, with which to take the product and then

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